Baby Steps

As I plow further into 2018, I’ve been thinking a lot about how progress is made. Sometimes I find myself getting impatient with everything from how fast the tea gets hot to why I haven’t finished that short story yet. (Not to mention traffic and waiting three light-cycles to get through the left turn.)

But I’m coming to settle into the fact that everything happens in baby steps, and sometimes you can’t even see that you’re moving forward until you stop to look back at where you came from. When I get frustrated with myself about why I’m not skipping and sprinting (yet), I try to remind myself that it is impossible to do those things until I take all the baby steps.

And I’m beginning to think that, at least with those Big Life Goals, baby steps are all there is.

5 thoughts on “Baby Steps

  1. I’ve just read this again – inspired to go and tackle the attic again this evening. Today – I’m going straight to the gym!


  2. A nice bit of philosophy – I’ll bet you could make this into a really nice story. Good to remember when I’m trying to clean the entire attic and can’t even walk past the top of the steps – which is what happened to me this morning. I’ll keep your note in my wallet and re-read and re-read and … whenever I feel overwhelmed!


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