This is a place for stories and readers of all types. If you’re into domestic realism, comedic sci-fi, sports, children’s tales, upcoming epic fantasy trilogies, and (don’t freak out) poetry, you’ll find it if you click around. Check out the publications page for where you can find some (hopefully entertaining) stuff to read.

When I’m not writing and rewriting or playing with my dog, I teach middle school English and train for marathons in Atlanta.  I’ve also been a director of marketing, college writing instructor, editorial consultant, and unpaid sous-chef. I was very lucky to attend the Odyssey Writing Workshop and complete my MFA in fiction from North Carolina State in 2015.

Although I’ve earned no major (or minor) literary awards, I have won two local 5K races and am occasionally lucky in raffles. I also have the amazing super power of looking good in all hats — including the Sorting Hat.

Oh yeah, and I’m not on Facebook or much other “social” media, but you should add your email below to get blog updates.



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